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Main features:
1、LED double-digital display and setting, one button operation can finish all the settings, which makes use simple and convenient. 2 、 Can adjust the current in the controller, can set up quaternary period online, flexible power regulation system can be
3、To use series connection PWM circuit, it is 3%-6% more effective than non-PWM circuit when charging. To use float charging
control mode to prolong the system life span. 4、With separated temperature detected circuit, with high precision temperature compensation function.
5、To use SOC charging algorithms accurately calculate the status of battery charge (SOC), effectively prolong the life span of the
6 、 With over charge, over discharge, electronic short circuit, overload protection, unique protection against reverse automatic
controller(battery without anti-access protection), LED open and short circuit protection. 7、With LED to show the battery state, it is easy for the user to know the working condition right now. 8、To use industrial grade chip (only for with “I” industrial grade controller), it can work under environment such as cold, high
temperature, humid


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