20AH / CWM


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Descripción del Producto

1. IP 68 waterproof level and aluminum outer shell is able to effectively prevent various different
kinds of corrosion.
2. Automatic identification of 12V/24V system voltage.
3. LED digital display and waterproof key-operated operations, which makes use simple and
4. Ternary form charging algorithm to equally charge storage battery every week, which can
effectively prevent battery from imbalance and vulcanization so that service life of battery can be
5. Four working modes which make it convenient to use the product on various kinds of road lamps
and monitoring devices.
6. Externally installed temperature sensor is capable of high-accurate temperature compensation.
7. Parameter settings can be stored if there is power failure. No need for repeated setting. It is simple
and convenient to use.
8. Various kinds of status indication.
9. With over-charge, over-discharge,


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